Will The New Punggol Digital District Have Affordable Housing?

10 Apr

Punggol is the furthest part in the northeast of Singapore. It is separated from PasirGudang, Johr by the Straigts of Johor. It is an up and coming area, that will soon become a Digital District which is a vision that was created by Singapore’s Smart Nation effort around 2023. It will be the next best place to live in, especially for adults who are getting ready to settle fully into adult life Рbuying a condo, starting a family and so on. A common question that a lot of people ask about the Punggol Digital District is if whether or not there will be housing available Рand the quick question is yes.

Sumang Walk
Soon to rise in the heart of the upcoming Punggol Digital District is the Sumang Walk EC. It will be the only new executive condo to launch in 2019, making it a great investment for people who want to live in a private apartment, yet at the same time enjoy the upsides of living in a busy district.

Why You Should Consider?
The location of Sumang Walk is ideally one of the best in the area. It is within walking distance of MRT and LRT stations, as well as Waterway Point Mall – the only major mall in the area. The condo is also surrounded by a vibrant environment filled with greenery and a 4.2 kilometer long waterway, promenade, and other outdoor activities.

Sumang Walk is set to be completed around 2022 to 2023, with the expected date of legal completion around 2026. It will feature 820 units comprised of 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms, 10 to 17 storeys high, spanning 13 blocks on over 291,000 square feet. It is being developed by CDL Constellation Pte Ltd in District 19 of Singapore. Units will be available with a 99 year leasehold.

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