Cleaning Kit

What Every Gun Cleaning Kit Should Include

A gun cleaning kit, ostensibly enough, is a special kit with various tools that allow you to clean your gun by yourself after usage so that it doesn’t corrode or breakdown due to abuse without proper maintenance. At the bare minimum, your kit of choice should include a brush, cleaning solvent, aluminum rod and patches and lubricating oil. That’s what every single one of many gun cleaning kits out there should include. The kit is responsible for removing miscellaneous grime, firing residue, metal fouling and the chances of corrosion. The carrying case for your kit could be designed like a clamshell or a simple leather bag, but it’s more important to pay attention to what’s inside than what’s outside. Check out this website for more gun cleaning tips:

Gun Cleaning Kit Essentials

  • Bronze and Nylon Brush: The bronze brush is used as a first-pass tool to clean the barrel’s heavy carbon buildup. The nylon brush, meanwhile, is used in order to clean the more sensitive parts of your gun that could get damaged by the rougher bronze brush.
  • Gun Mop or Cotton Swab: These swabs come with 6-inch wooden handles and cotton tips at packs of one hundred. They’re the cleaning tools of choice when cleaning down a narrow barrel. It’s supposed to remove all leftover residues and oils in the barrel of your gun after the bronze and nylon brushes have brushed away the buildup.
  • Cleaning Jag and Patches: Dip a patch with solvent then place it at the center of the jag to get a 360-degree clean on bore surfaces. Most jags are made of brass or nickel to prevent inner barrel scratches. Don’t forget to remove all solvent afterwards with another patch to prevent corrosion.
  • Bore Snake: This bore snake should be used with cleaning solvent after firing your gun for a quick clean of the barrel to avoid residue formation and carbonation. It doesn’t compare to the rest of the kit that’s designed for long-term thorough maintenance. It’s more of a temporary clean.

Cleaning Solvent: This solvent is necessary because it’s specifically formulated to clean a multitude of firearms without inducing corrosion or acid damage on the inner parts of your weapon. It’s also known as CLP and its formula is perfect for maintaining gun function for a long, long time.