The Types Of Contestants Who Get Voted Off Bigg Boss Tamil

Reality shows have become one of the most popular formats on television. This is also particularly true in India as well. A great example is the Indian reality show called the Bigg Boss Tamil. Another reason why this show is very popular is due to the contestants being celebrities before joining.

How does Bigg Boss Tamil work?
If you are familiar with the reality show Big Brother from the Netherlands then you are already quite familiar with the format of Bigg Boss Tamil. Their format is basically the same. There will be a group of contests or housemates that will have to live in one big house which is going to be isolated from the general public. This means that the contestants will have no contact from anyone from the outside world and they will only have to interact with each other during the course of the season.

During each week there is going to be an evaluation wherein all housemates are going to nominate two of their housemates for eviction. The two people with the highest votes are then going to compete with each other using the Bigg Boss vote or the votes from the general public. The person with the highest vote is going to be saved and will be given another chance to continue with the show while the person who loses is going to be evicted from the house. This will go on until he is a declared winner in the season.

What is the common factor between the winners?
Since the format of the show really relies on the votation from the housemates and the general public it can be deduced that in order to win the trophy, in the end, you must be liked by your fellow contestants as well as the general public.